Setting up an account is optional. You do not need to create one to place an order. 

If you have an account, your address information is filled in automatically at check out, so you can complete your purchase faster. You can also view your order history in your account dashboard.*

We have 4 websites where you can buy from us directly. 

Accessories for Meta Quest 2 and HP Reverb G2 are sold at these stores:

Accessories for older headsets like the original Quest and Valve Index are sold at this store:

Each website offers the option to create an account. The sign up link is available at check out and in the store's navigation menus.

Having an account on one website (e.g. on doesn't not automatically create an account on another website (e.g. You'll have to go through the sign up process again and provide an email address and password.

*Note: While you can edit the saved address in the account dashboard, doing this does not update the shipping address for an order that's being processed for fulfilment. If you'd like the shipping address changed, please let us know via the contact form