We understand that not getting a tracking update for a while is a cause for concern but in most cases we see, the package is still on its way to the customer. Normally, you can expect the next update to become available within 5 - 7 working days. For orders shipped under the standard option, more information can be found on the website of the local postal service (e.g. Australia Post) with the original tracking number or the last-mile tracking number.

There are a few reasons why the tracking hasn't updated yet:

  • The package is still going through customs.
  • The package is en route to the next facility where it will receive a scan which will then update the tracking. 

Orders are usually delivered within the time frames advised on our website. However, the actual shipping time may be longer due to higher shipping volumes for carriers, adverse weather and other factors that can cause a delay.

As per our non-delivery resolution, please contact us if your order does not arrive within the advised time frame. Depending on the carrier used and destination, we can open a formal enquiry with the fulfillment team to investigate the shipment.